Crab Clan

The Crab Clan was founded after the First War, when Hantei ordered his brother Hida to defend the Empire from the followers of Fu Leng. “Our safety is on your shoulders, brother, for only you are mighty enough to bear its weight,” Hantei said, and Hida accepted the order willingly. In truth, he had already gathered many followers who had fought at his side during the First War. The Crab Clan was formed from those who had survived those desperate battles: the strongest, the toughest, and the best of those who had flocked to the banner of Hida.

Hida led his surviving followers south to the barren lands near what is now Kyuden Hida, and there he asked them who was strong enough to join him in fight against the newly formed Shadowlands. Three men stepped forward: Hiruma, Kuni, and Kaiu. Hida was grateful for their devotion, but wondered if they were truly strong enough for the long struggle that lay ahead. He tasked the three men with defeating a great oni ravaging the land, a demon whose touch was said to bring never-ending pain: Hatsu Suru no Oni.

The three men set out to the Shadowlands, working together and calling on their respective skills to confront the oni. Hiruma tracked the movements of the beast, Kuni researched its nature and weaknesses, and Kaiu built a small forge and crafted a weapon certain to kill the creature. When the three were ready, Hiruma led the oni to the place Kaiu and Kuni had prepared. There the three men fought Hatsu Suru no Oni together; Hiruma struck the final blow, separating the creature’s head from its shoulders.

When they returned to Hida with the oni’s head, he was deeply impressed, and granted each of them permission to found their own family. The Hiruma became the Hida’s right hand, serving as both warriors and scouts, because it was Hiruma who found and tracked the beast as well as striking it down. The Kaiu became the craftsmen of the Crab, for it was Kaiu who made Chikara, the sword that slew Hatsu Suru no Oni and which went on to become the ancestral weapon carried by a thousand years’ worth of Crab Clan Champions. And the Kuni became sages and magicians, for it was Kuni who learned the creature’s secrets and prepared the others for the battle.

Crab Clan

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